Open Lesson Dedicated to Nauryz Holiday

Open Lesson Dedicated to Nauryz Holiday

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KOKSHETAU - On the eve of Nauryz holiday, listeners of the courses on studying the state language among ethnic groups of Kazakhstan took part in the open lesson ‘Welcome, Nauryz!’ dedicated to traditions and customs of the Kazakh people.

At the lesson they told about themselves and their family in Kazakh language, demonstrated national rites ‘Kyrkynan Shygaru’, ‘Tusau Kesu’, took part in the quiz on knowledge of traditions and customs, connected with celebration of Nauryz holiday, sang poems and Kazakh folk songs.

It should be reminded, state language courses for representatives of ethnic groups of Kazakhstan are opened at Kogamdyk Kelisim MPI since last year.

Their main task is to raise the status of the state language, to promote rapid mastering and everyday use of the Kazakh language by representatives of different ethnic groups.

Classes are held once a week under the supervision of an experienced teacher using a new method of teaching the State language.

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