Kyrgyz national clothing festival held in Almaty

Kyrgyz national clothing festival held in Almaty

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ALMATY - The annual festival of Kyrgyz national attire ‘Ak Kalpagym – Asyl Kazynam’ held in the Republican Friendship House.

As part of the event, a collection of national clothing of Central Asian peoples was presented. A unique exhibition of crafts by the master, designer Tilek Sultan was organized. Master classes on making and wearing national costumes of Kyrgyzstan, in particular, women's headdresses, as well as a concert program were organized.

The festival was attended by leaders and members of ethnic and cultural centers, representatives of the Consulate General of Kyrgyz Republic in Almaty.

According to the organizers, this event was held as part of the 25th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. In their opinion, each of us should know the history of our people, the formation and development of culture, including the history of national clothing.

"Today we wanted to share with you the national holiday "Ak Kalpagym – Asyl Kazynam". I would like to note that there are national elements not only of the Kyrgyz, but also of all the people of Central Asia. We want to show that our history and culture are closely linked,” said acting Chairman of Muras Kyrgyz ethno-cultural Association, Manas Tashybekov.

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