‘Dostyk Shanyragy’ Forum held in Auliekol

‘Dostyk Shanyragy’ Forum held in Auliekol

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KOSTANAY - The event was organized by teachers and students of Baimagambetov school-gymnasium, and held within the celebration of the Gratitude Day and 25th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

Сhildren in Auliekol are the only ones in the whole region, who have their own assembly. The unique project was created in school walls 4 years ago and already has held many events.

The most large-scale is participation in the international project "Together Forever", which brought together three countries: Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. Last year, children from these countries visited the festive line dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the hero of the Soviet Union, Sultan Baimagambetov. It was his name that became a link in the friendship between the children of the three countries.

Today, as part of the project "Dostyk Shanyragy" forum "School-gymnasium - a microcosm of the state: unity in diversity" was held.

"The school-gymnasium is a social institute with more than 120 years of history. At the end of the 19th century the doors of the first school of village Auliekol were opened for children, during the national war separate classes for children of Poles, Jews, Tatars were completed. Today the school-gymnasium is a microcosm of our multinational state. That is why in 2016, on March 1, we created the school assembly "Dostyk Shanyragy" - "Yurt of Friendship". It is represented by 12 cultural and ethnic centres, which include pupils and teachers. Representatives of ethnoses, inhabitants of village Auliekol," noted in the speech the director of educational institution Saltanat Maksyutova.

According to the head of the school, the concept of the project is to strengthen national identity as the main asset of the people of Kazakhstan. Throughout the year the children organize events dedicated to the Thanksgiving Day, Nauryz, Unity Day and others. In the process of preparation, students study the culture, traditions and customs of different ethnic groups. The children showed their knowledge of the history of their native land, so closely intertwined with the fates of the peoples moved to the Kazakh steppes, on stage.

The presenters showed a journal to the guests of the forum, where each page told about historical events: famine of the 30s, political repressions, deportation of people to Kazakhstan, Great Patriotic War... It was then that so many people of different ethnic groups appeared here, and each of them was met with kindness, warmth and bread by Kazakh people. Images from documentary films, heartfelt poems performed by the guys, exciting songs about the homeland left no one indifferent in the hall...

"The journal has become a real history lesson for the parents and grandparents present here. And this lesson was taught by the skillful hands of children, thank you very much for that. It really is an incredible work, which was done under the guidance of Saltanat Kazikanovna. And he says that the issue of generation succession has been, is and will continue to be relevant. Our fathers and grandfathers have something to be proud of, because the great people know in their deeds" concluded Bibigul Akkuzhina, Head of the Secretariat of the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

At the end of the forum, the management of the school-gymnasium was presented with books for the school library. After the forum, the excursion on school museum was conducted for the guests of Kostanay.

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