Congratulation on International Women's Day

Congratulation on International Women's Day

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Dear women!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan congratulates you on a spring holiday – International Women’s Day!

This holiday has a strong spiritual basis in the Kazakh society, we have centuries-old tradition of national respect and reverence for women.

Today women in Kazakhstan play a great creative role in all spheres of public life – politics, economics, science, culture and education.

Your social activity, full expansion of creative and intellectual potential is one of the main condition of country’s success.

International Women’s Day is a memorable and significant date for all of us. It has a special meaning for every woman – peace, harmony and equality, justice and progress.

Dear women!

March 8th is a holiday of beauty and charm. You are the one who give kindness and tenderness. Take care of the younger generation, and thus - of the future of the country.

We sincerely wish to meet this sunny holiday around loving men, happy children, faithful friends.

We wish you beauty and charm, success, health, happiness and prosperity.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

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